Minimize SecOps Risk with Less Tools and More Security Trend Micro

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Security leaders are finally coming to terms with the reality of today’s threat landscape. That means adopting a post-breach mentality increasingly focused on detection and response. Yet admitting that it’s now a case of “when not if” your organization is breached is different from mounting an effective security operations (SecOps) response. Building a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is only half the battle. As we’ve demonstrated before, you also need the right tools, or your analysts will be overwhelmed with alerts they’re unable to prioritize.

So how bad is the current challenge for SOC teams? According to new Trend Micro stats, tool sprawl has reached epic proportions—with potentially serious implications for cyber risk and the mental health of SecOps analysts.

More tools, more problems

According to our global SecOps study, organizations are laboring with an average of 29 security monitoring solutions in place. Larger companies have it even worse: those with more than 10,000 employees have an average of

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