Minecraft has become the main bait for the spread of malware

Cybersecurity experts from Kaspersky Lab have found that Minecraft is the most common bait for attackers from the computer game genre. It is this name that cybercriminals most often use to lure users into a trap.

Kaspersky studied the cyber threat landscape from July 2021 to July 2022. The researchers paid special attention to malicious files that mentioned Minecraft. The share of such files amounted to 25% of the total number of malware using the theme of video games. Following are other popular game projects:

FIFA (share – 11%) Roblox (9.5%) Far Cry (9.4%) Call of Duty (9%) Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, Valorant, The Sims,

and CS:GO have also acted as bait at certain times.

Kaspersky Lab has also studied the mobile gaming segment. It recorded a much smaller use of the names of popular games to spread malware. But Minecraft (40%) also became the leader, followed by GTA (15%), PUBG (10%), Roblox (10%) and FIFA (5%).

According to the Kaspersky report, compared to 2020, there has been a decline in the spread of malware through bait in the form of games (-30%), and there have also been fewer users affected by such activity (-36%).

Interestingly, the Chaos ransomware likes to attract the attention of gamers with cheats and keygens for Minecraft. As a rule, users are promised fast progress in games or useful things. Kaspersky experts give an example: cybercriminals use fake stores to sell in-game items; the user eventually pays but does not receive

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