Millions in reward for tips on Russian hackers

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The US State Department is allocating $10 million for the golden tip that leads to the arrest of six Russian hackers. The six tried last month to carry out a large-scale cyberattack on American vital infrastructure. The US wants to know where the hackers reside and who they work with.

This is reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.

Damage runs into the hundreds of millions

The US government is searching for six Russian hackers. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they work for the Russian military intelligence service GRU. Would have tried in the past to seriously disrupt society with the infamous NotPetya malware.

In 2017, this ransomware shut down the port of Rotterdam. As a result, the supply and export of goods with the European mainland came to a complete standstill. NotPetya caused damage between 300 and 450 million euros. For example, 30,000 computers had to be replaced. The same malware then prevented the transport and energy company Maersk from processing goods for weeks in Denmark. The loss amounted to 200 million euros.

NotPetya also caused a lot of misery and financial damage in the US. The damage caused to hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry caused by malware is estimated at $1 billion.

The Russian hackers are suspected of this

At the end of 2020, the Justice Department indicted the six Russian hackers for cyberattacks on American targets. The six have also reportedly conducted spear-phishing campaigns against athletes participating in the 2017 Winter Olympics, South Korean staff and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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