Microsoft stops facial recognition analysis due to privacy concerns

Using facial recognition technology to study people’s moods and map identifying characteristics is going a step too far for Microsoft. The company is concerned about the privacy and misuse of this technology. That is why the American hardware and software company will immediately stop using facial recognition technology that is used for these purposes.

Microsoft writes that in a blog.

Microsoft imposes stricter requirements on the use of facial recognition

Microsoft knows that facial recognition brings benefits for law enforcement and investigative authorities. At the same time, the company recognizes that there are also dangers and risks involved. To deal with this technology in a responsible manner, Microsoft has drawn up a number of rules in an internal document. It lists various security and precautionary measures so that the technology is used in a sensible and well-considered manner.

Microsoft regularly updates these guidelines. Employees recently reviewed the rules and tightened the requirements even further. For example, new customers must now request access to use facial recognition technology in Azure Face API, Computer Vision, and Video Indexer. Existing customers have one year to obtain this approval. From June 2023, they will no longer be allowed to use Microsoft’s facial recognition technology if the application is not approved.

“By introducing restricted access, we add an extra layer of protection to the use and deployment of facial recognition to ensure that use of these services complies with Microsoft’s Responsible AI Standard and contributes to high-quality end-users and societal benefits,” it writes. the tech giant in its blog.

Microsoft is concerned about privacy and discrimination

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