Microsoft Squashes 6 Security Bugs Already Exploited In The Wild

Patch Tuesday November’s Patch Tuesday also falls on election day in the US, so let’s hope that democracy fares better than Microsoft, which reported six of today’s bugs are already being exploited in the wild by miscreants.

Another 22 vulnerabilities in the Windows giant’s products have been labeled “more likely to be exploited” than not. Also, shockingly, Adobe skipped the monthly patch party. “Heads-up that Adobe does not have regularly scheduled updates planned for today,” a spokesperson told The Register.

Back to Microsoft: Redmond rated 11 vulnerabilities in its code as critical CVE-listed holes with the rest deemed important. It also appears to have finally fixed (fingers crossed) the two Exchange Server bugs dubbed ProxyNotShell that have been exploited as far back as August. 

Let’s start with the two long-awaited Exchange fixes. CVE-2022-41028 is a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability and CVE-2022-41040 is a server-side request forgery bug. Both can be exploited together to run PowerShell commands on a vulnerable system and take control of it.

Since late September, Redmond has issued several mitigation updates, though all of these temporary fixes have been bypassed by security researchers. Let’s hope the November plugs do the trick.

CVE-2022-41128, another RCE bug in the JScript9 scripting language engine, has also been exploited by miscreants, according to Microsoft, so we’d suggest patching this one next. 

To exploit it, an attacker would need to trick a user running an unpatched version of Windows into visiting a specially crafted server share or

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