Microsoft Called Out As Big Malware Hoster

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Updated Microsoft has been branded as “the world’s best malware hoster for about a decade,” thanks to abuse of the Office 365 and Live platform, as well as its slow response to reports by security researchers.

Infosec expert Kevin Beaumont, who worked at Microsoft as a senior threat intelligence analyst between June 2020 and April 2021, made the comments in response to a report by “cybersec professional” TheAnalyst.

TheAnalyst noted that a BazarLoader malware campaign was hosting its malware on Microsoft’s OneDrive service. “Does Microsoft have any responsibility in this when they KNOWINGLY are hosting hundreds of files leading to this, now for over three days?” they asked.

BazarLoader is a family of malware where a spam email attempts to trick recipients into opening a trojan via a link, in this case to an ISO (disk image that can be mounted with one click) containing a malicious DLL with a misleading shortcut called Documents that runs it, leading in

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