Meet The Vigilantes Who Hack Millions In Crypto To Save It From Thieves

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It was early in the morning on March 9 when LP, who was still asleep, started getting calls on her Telegram. According to her, that is never a good sign. Still in her button-down pajamas with her bedroom shades drawn, she reached under the blanket and grabbed her laptop, and put in her contact lenses. It was time to try to save someone else’s cryptocurrency—by hacking them first. 

LP, who prefers not to use her real name to protect her privacy, is an engineer with a PhD who used to work at a Silicon Valley law firm and the founder of the cybersecurity companies RugDoc and Paladin Blockchain Security. She wants everyone to know that crypto is “more than basement dwelling white men,” she told Motherboard.

The Telegram caller was one of her colleagues who told her that someone was hacking the investors of a cryptocurrency protocol called Fantasm, which at the time had millions of dollars in liquidity locked up by investors, according to LP. 

Once she was awake enough to get on her laptop, she said she started working with two colleagues to save as much cryptocurrency as they could, in an attempt to beat the hacker and limit the damage. In the world of crypto, where stolen funds are usually gone for good due to the irreversible nature of the

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