MediaMarkt target of cyberattack

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The MediaMarkt has been hit by a cyberattack, possibly with ransomware. Branches in the Netherlands. Belgium and Luxembourg are shut down as a result. Customers can go to the stores to buy consumer electronics, pick up and return is currently impossible due to the cyber attack.

That writes RTL Nieuws, which had access to internal e-mails that the retailer sent to its employees.

‘Everything is encrypted’

A MediaMarkt spokesperson confirmed that the company discovered this morning that it had been hit by a cyber attack. According to sources, it is a ransomware attack. Unauthorized persons are able to penetrate the company network and place all kinds of important data under lock and key. The only way to regain access to this data is to pay a ransom. The victim is then given a decryptor or decryption key, with which he regains access to all information.

The company’s spokesperson does not want to confirm at this time that it is a ransomware attack. “We are currently investigating everything,”

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