Massive Multi-million Dollar Credit Card Fraud Attacked Tens of Thousands of Victims

The cybersecurity analysts at ReasonLabs have recently identified a massive operation that has been exploiting credit card data since its launch in 2019 and has siphoned millions of dollars from it. 

The massive operation is believed to be responsible for the losses of tens of thousands of people. A large number of bogus dating and customer support websites were operated by operators of these websites, which were believed to originate from Russia. 

In order to take advantage of the credit cards purchased from the dark web, threat actors use all these fraudulent websites to charge them.

By doing so, the charges will appear legitimate in the eyes of the public. As a result of fraudulent transactions on the websites, they are unable to approve the return of funds quickly. Due to these activities, the crime cartel responsible for these operations is enriching itself through increased profits.

Global Credit Card Scam

As a basis for this operation, there are two types of domains that are utilized by the threat actors, which are as follows:-

Dating sitesCustomer support portals

It must be noted that a number of these alleged dating sites, as well as the websites for the organizations who ran them, had no existence and their e-mail addresses had been deleted or they also do not exist.

While some of these are working, but they do not receive any real traffic and cannot be found on Google easily. The maximum number of these fake websites appear to have been created automatically with the help of any automated

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