Man who helped Infraud cybercrime cartel steal millions of credit cards sentenced

A Brooklyn resident was sentenced to four years in federal prison this week after pleading guilty to being an integral member of the Infraud Organization, a cybercrime cartel that stole over four million credit and debit card numbers and cost victims more than $568 million dollars.

John Telusma – a 37-year-old who went by “Peterelliot” online – is the 14th member of the Infraud gang to be charged in connection to the group’s activities, which the Justice Department said involved the “mass acquisition and sale of fraud-related goods and services, including stolen identities, compromised credit card data, computer malware, and other contraband.”

Telusma joined Infraud in August 2011 and spent more than five years helping the group monetize their credit card theft. The group spent years marketing troves of stolen bank account information, PayPal accounts and more that gave members free rein to buy flights and concert tickets.

“Telusma was among the most prolific and active members of the Infraud Organization, purchasing and fraudulently using compromised credit card numbers for his own personal gain,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

He pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy in Nevada on Oct. 13, 2021.

At its peak, the group allegedly had 10,000 members and operated for more than seven years. According to the DOJ, the group’s slogan was “In Fraud We Trust.”

The group had members across the globe and the DOJ has already sentenced several members to lengthy prison sentences. After several undercover operations, U.S. officials partnered

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