Malware in Huawei AppGallery infects 9 million Android phones

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Malware analysts from antivirus company Doctor Web have found dozens of games in Huawei’s AppGallery infected with malware. The company reports this on its website. The games are infected with the Cynos trojan, which is designed to collect mobile phone numbers from users. Doctor Web reports that at least 9.3 million users have installed the dangerous games.

Malware takes different shapes and sizes. Forms of malware are, for example, a computer virus, adware, or ransomware, which MediaMarkt fell victim to earlier this month. The Cynos Trojan discovered by Dr Web (Android. Cynos.7.origin) is a variant of the Cynos program module. Apps with this malware ask users for permission to make and manage phone calls. In this way, the Trojan gains access to certain data.

When the user has given permission, the malware collects information, which it then sends to a remote server. This information consists of the user’s mobile phone number and the location of the device. The malware uses GPS coordinates, the mobile network or WiFi access points to determine its location.

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