Looking ahead to the network technologies of 2023

What’s the single most important thing that enterprises should know about networking in 2023? Forget all that speeds-and-feeds crap you hear from vendors. The answer is that networking is now, and forever, linked to business applications, and those applications are linked now to the way that we use the Internet and the cloud. We’re changing how we distribute and deliver business value via networking, and so network technology will inevitably change too, and this is a good time to look at what to expect.

Growth in Internet dependence

First, the Internet is going to get a lot better because it’s going to get a lot more important. It’s not just that the top-end capacities offered will be raised, in many cases above 2 Gbps. Every day, literally, people do more online, and get more interactive, dynamic, interesting, websites to visit and content to consume. Internet availability has been quietly increasing, and in 2023 there will be a significant forward leap there, in large part because people who rely on something get really upset when it’s not working.

With “goodness” will come “richness.”

Adobe, which produces software that enriches the user experience online, had a great quarter in large part because the Internet is more important every day. That enrichment isn’t going to stop in 2023.

Enterprises will increase their dependence on the Internet, both as a conduit for sales and customer support and, increasingly, as a way for their own workers to access core applications. During COVID,

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