LogPoint 2022 Predictions: The year of holistic threat detection and incident response

By Christian Have, CTO, LogPoint

When the time comes to make predictions for the coming year, we often try to identify that one seismic shift that’s going to change everything. Spoiler alert – we see no major disruptors in the cybersecurity market. Instead of upheaval, we anticipate a shift in the way organizations think about their cybersecurity challenges and how they go about overcoming them. This shift represents a more holistic approach to security operations and it has been a long time coming.

Here are a 5 things we can expect:

Accelerated adoption of cybersecurity consolidation and integration platforms.

2022 will witness an accelerated shift away from best-in-class point deployments and toward the adoption of unified and consolidated cybersecurity infrastructures, especially for mid-tier enterprises.

Stepping down from Fortune 500 companies, there are thousands of enterprises in the tier below that lack cybersecurity resources and maturity. They constantly struggle to justify their cybersecurity budget and to see significant improvements in efficiency or reduction of risk as

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