LogicGate Three-Peats as a Leader on the G2 GRC Platforms Grid

It’s official, Risk Cloud can now be compared to the 90’s Chicago Bulls. We hit three years (or 12 consecutive quarters) as a leader on the G2 Summer 2022 grid for GRC Platforms. Risk Cloud has been named a Leader based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence. We like wins at LogicGate, but this one is extra special to us because the ranking is based on high customer satisfaction scores. We are proud of our work, but in the end, the fact that our customers are happy is what really drives us.

We usually don’t like to brag, but if it is our customers saying it, who are we to judge? Here are the high points:

99% of users rated Risk Cloud 4 or 5 stars 98% of reviewers said they were satisfied with the quality of support offered for Risk Cloud (avg. 91%) 98% of reviewers said it was easy to do business with LogicGate (avg. is 92%) 94% of users believe Risk Cloud “is headed in the right direction” 92% of users said they were likely to recommend Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud can also be found ranked on the following G2 Grids: Policy Management, Operational Risk Management, Third Party & Supplier Risk Management, IT Risk Management, Regulatory Change Management, Audit Management, Incident Management, Business Process Management, and Security Compliance.

What Does This Mean For Customers?

We are on a bit of a roll. Earlier this year, we were named

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