LogicGate Founders Look Back on the Last 7 Years

Have you ever had one of those moments when you recognize that a considerable amount of time has passed, and you realize that your journey has been (and still is) one of significance? That happened recently when our co-founders, Matt Kunkel, Jon Siegler, and Dan Campbell, paused for a minute, simultaneously looked back at LogicGate’s trodden path, and set their sights on what’s ahead for the team at LogicGate.

When Matt, Jon, and Dan were first getting started, Matt recalls that the GRC space was decentralized and leaning on Excel to help “operationalize” programs with a fair amount of duct tape and bubble gum to cover the gaps.  

With so much customization required by developers, customers weren’t able to make changes to their risk programs easily. Jon shares that their original approach was to place customers in the driver’s seat of how they wanted to run their GRC programs. And as a result, Dan remembers that the three of them agreed to focus on delivering a unique experience for customers that would empower them to shape their risk programs around their business processes rather than shoehorning their processes into the technology. 

With the goal in mind to make managing GRC easier for customers, and after years of consulting, the three of them were convinced that customer pain points could be solved by building an intelligent and easy-to-use GRC platform with simple no-code controls. And LogicGate’s Risk Cloud platform was born.

With countless memories over the last seven years — from the

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