LockBit Brags They Will Leak Thousands Of SpaceX Blueprints

Ransomware gang Lockbit has boasted it broke into Maximum Industries, which makes parts for SpaceX, and stole 3,000 proprietary schematics developed by Elon Musk’s rocketeers.

The prolific cybercrime crew also mocked the SpaceX supremo, and threatened to leak or sell on the blueprints from March 20 if the gang’s demands to pay up aren’t met. This may therefore be a bill Musk can’t avoid to reconcile, unlike others, reportedly.

“I would say we were lucky if SpaceX contractors were more talkative. But I think this material will find its buyer as soon as possible,” Lockbit posted on its dark-web homepage, according to a screenshot shared on Twitter by security analyst Dominic Alvieri.

We take that broken English to mean Maximum Industries may not be willing to cough up so far, yet the gang believes it may be paid either way: the ransom demand is provided to ensure any stolen files remain unpublished, or someone else will purchase a copy of the data anyway. What’s interesting is that the schematics by themselves may not be that useful: you still have to manufacture the parts, which is non-trivial, and then use them without setting off suspicion.

A leak would still be embarrassing, and might attract unwanted attention from the US government – for the crooks and the businesses involved, given the reliance on SpaceX to launch stuff for Uncle Sam.

“Elon Musk, we will help you sell your drawing to other manufacturers — build the ship faster and fly away,”

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