Lloyd vs Google: UK needs collective redress

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In 2012, Google hacked the web browers of million of Apple users to store data on their devices and track their activities online. The egregious and deliberate nature of this breach was met with harsh criticism at the time, and saw a collective claim been raised in the UK to seek damages over Google illegal conduct. Google vs. Lloyd finally reached the UK Supreme Court, who ruled in favour of Google and effectively opened the floodgate for the online tracking industry to compromise with impunity the security of million of devices whose privacy features are restricting the ability to track users’ online without their consent. For instance, Facebook aversion over Apple new anti-tracking features is notorious, and it is not difficult to imagine how Google hack of the security of Apple devices will make a school case for them.

Many people may see today’s decision as a setback, or at least no progress, on data protecion enforcement. In particular, it is worrying that the Supreme

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