Livestream Panel Discussion Tuesday: EFF, Encryption Users Will Discuss Consequences of Apple’s Planned Scanning Tool, Suggest Changes

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San Francisco—On Tuesday, October 12, at 8 am PT, EFF Senior Staff Technologist Erica Portnoy and representatives from more than 10 human, digital, and children’s rights organizations will hold a livestreamed panel discussion about the ramifications of Apple’s plans to add scanning tools to its devices on people and groups that rely on encrypted platforms for privacy, safety, and security. The two hour event will be livestreamed here.

EFF, civil liberties and human rights organizations, researchers, and customers have demanded that Apple cancel its plan to install photo-scanning software onto devices. The technology opens a backdoor to users’ everyday conversations and the sensitive, private communications of those who rely on encryption to protect themselves and others. It will create an enormous danger to our privacy and security and give ammunition to authoritarian governments wishing to expand the surveillance.

EFF and organizations representing a diverse array of individuals who rely on encrypted platforms will discuss the impacts of Apple’s scanning tools, what should change about the products, and protective principles for

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