Leveraging the “Power of the Crowd” to Fight Cybercrime with a Unique, Collaborative Intrusion Prevention System>

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Exclusive Interview with CrowdSec CEO Philippe Humeau

With the widespread adoption of cloud and container infrastructure, protecting servers, services, containers and virtual machines exposed on the Internet with a reliable, intelligent intrusion prevention system is more important than ever. Cloud-native environments foster rapid growth and innovation, but also introduce an element of added complexity, along with new security challenges. 

Recently, LinuxSecurity researchers had the opportunity to speak with CrowdSec CEO Philippe Humeau about modern cyber risk, CrowdSec’s unique and advantageous community-powered approach to intrusion prevention with an extremely accurate IP reputation system, what users can expect from the latest CrowdSec release, what the future holds for CrowdSec, and more! We’re excited to share key insights and highlights from this exclusive interview with our readers to help them better understand the modern cyber threat landscape and how they can bolster their intrusion prevention strategy to prevent attacks.

Introducing CrowdSec: A Collaborative Open-Source Intrusion Prevention Solution

CrowdSec is a cybersecurity solution designed to protect

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