Leadership Lacking and Lagging Behind

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From all appearances, leadership is missing in action.

Given my background, I empathize with cybersecurity leadership and can’t imagine trying to do the job at current expectation levels during the storm in which we find ourselves.

Mounting Insanity                                             

The competition between business unit owners driving toward the 4th industrial revolution, pockets of shadow IT running unknown quantities of cloud sessions, increased dependencies on supply chains, open source everywhere, new heights of network complexity, a lack of available resources to fill the gaps, and increased sophistication and smarter attacks from cybercriminals along with promises of safety and security from 4,000 point solution vendors would drive anyone crazy.

If you have a CISO who appears to be keeping the lights on, make sure they are happy.

For every competent CISO, there must be a dozen who aren’t.

Weight of the World

But CISO leadership is not limited to technology choices, maturity programs, operations and governance and the provisioning of adequate detection and protection capabilities to

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