Latest Cyber Security Trends for Businesses

Don’t lose the Cyber Security Trends in 2022

Jun 16, 2022

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Sudip Sengupta

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The cybersecurity industry continues to be in constant flux. While organizations strive to harden their systems against discovered vulnerabilities, attackers keep crafting newer mechanisms to attack tech stacks. The growing reliance on computing systems for business and personal functions enables attackers to exploit sensitive information and compromise organizational operations. It is, therefore, crucial for developers and security professionals to keep an eye on emerging cyber security trends for dynamic threat modeling and mitigation. This trend report explores the top cybersecurity trends for 2022 and how these can potentially impact global businesses and users alike.

Inherent Cloud Vulnerabilities

While cloud deployments offer flexibility and cost savings, inherent vulnerabilities in cloud services continue to pose considerable cybersecurity risks to modern organizations. Because of the complexities associated with multiple geographically distributed devices and third-party integrations, most organizations struggle to implement comprehensive security controls to inhibit attack vectors. 

As per a recent study, cloud security misconfiguration for remote workstations and external APIs interacting with third-party services are the primary causes of data leakage and unauthorized access to cloud-based assets. To overcome this, organizations are now adopting the Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) that helps them identify and prevent misconfiguration while automating compliance and security administration.

Apart from this, DevSecOps is now

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