‘Large part of vital sector vulnerable to cybercriminals’

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‘Large part of vital sector vulnerable to cybercriminals’

A large part of the companies and organizations that are active in the critical infrastructure are unnecessarily vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals. Forty-three of the hundred companies surveyed did not optimally protect their e-mail system against phishing, spoofing and ransomware. These include banks, energy producers and drinking water companies.

This is apparent from research by the television program Zembla and the Internet Cleanup Foundation, a non-profit organization that maps the state of cybersecurity of Dutch authorities.

Nuclear safety not at stake

One of the companies that do not secure its e-mail system properly is the nuclear power plant in Borssele. A spokesperson for the operator of the exchange (EPZ) acknowledges that the e-mail system is not optimally secured, but says that it is “well able to resist cybercrime and to monitor it permanently”. At the same time, he says that the nuclear power plant’s safety measures are ‘more robust’ than the screening of Zembla and the Internet Cleanup Foundation shows.

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