Laird Connectivity releases Summit Suite to simplify the process of protecting devices

Laird Connectivity has released its new range of added value software services, Summit Suite. Summit Suite gathers the most important security features and services into one package to mitigate risk and reduce threats through the entire product lifecycle.

Summit Suite allows Laird Connectivity customers to simplify the process of protecting their devices. Customers choose from Laird Connectivity’s IoT hardware and can combine it with multiple layers of security software and enterprise connectivity, all from a single partner. By selecting from the Summit Suite range, customers can manage every part of the security lifecycle.

“Summit Suite is built on our expertise from decades of partnership with medical and industrial device makers,” said Dan Kephart, Senior Product Manager, Laird Connectivity. “The goal of the Summit Suite portfolio is to simplify the process of protecting devices and give our customers the flexibility to choose the security features that are the right fit for their products and end applications.”

Summit Suite consists of four main components: Secure Connectivity, FIPS Cryptographic Modules, Chain of Trust Device Security, and Software Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation.

At its base is Summit Suite Secure Connectivity, an enterprise-grade software suite that unlocks the full Wi-Fi potential of select product families, including the Summit 60, 60 Series SOM, Summit SOM 8M Plus, IG60 and additional product lines in the near future. Laird Connectivity has ensured that the Wi-Fi security of these product families stays ahead of enterprise Wi-Fi network industry trends by proactively upgrading support from the current industry standard WPA2-Enterprise

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