Lacework CEO on How to Prioritize Cloud Infrastructure Risks

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Jay Parikh on Using Attack Path Analysis to Sift Through Cloud Infrastructure Risks Michael Novinson (MichaelNovinson) • February 2, 2023     Jay Parikh, CEO, Lacework (Image: Lacework)

Lacework has debuted an attack path analysis tool to help organizations understand the havoc specific threats could wreak within their cloud infrastructure, says CEO Jay Parikh.

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Businesses must deal with an ever-changing cloud environment due to new application development, configuration updates and new offerings from the cloud service providers, resulting in a shifting attack surface, according to Parikh. He says Lacework takes both an outside-in and an inside-out view to help customers prioritize which risk elements inside their infrastructure should be addressed first (see: Lacework’s Kate MacLean on Securing Users Across Many Clouds).

“There’s always more stuff to investigate, more stuff to fix, more stuff to organize and to report on than there are capable people on your team to do it all,” Parikh says. “Our data-driven approach here really drives efficiency and effectiveness for these teams so they can prioritize what they should focus their time on to understand and remediate different areas of risk in their environment.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Parikh also discusses:

What makes Lacework’s approach to CNAPP stand apart from competitors; The impact of layoffs in May on Lacework’s R&D and technology strategy; Why Lacework will move forward with

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