Keely Wilkins: Cyber Insurance Education is about “Rebalancing the Message”

The Cyber Insurance Academy recently selected Keely Wilkins, Security Engineer & Evangelist at the Office of the CTO at Check Point, to lead some initiatives related to cyber insurance education and cyber risk management for our Community. Keely is a seasoned cyber security expert and has over 25 years of experience in running training and thought leadership events in this space. Keely recently presented an Email Security Masterclass to our Community of cyber insurance professionals, a recording of which can be accessed here.

We interviewed Keely on her role in the cybersecurity and cyber insurance sectors and how she goes about alleviating the lack of confidence that so many insurance professionals have when it comes to the complex, fast-paced world of cyber security.

How would you define a cybersecurity evangelist, and what does your role entail?

My role as a Cybersecurity Evangelist with the Office of the CTO is my passion.  Our team of Evangelists is worldwide and growing.  Our objective is to promote cybersecurity thought leadership across all industries.  Each of us have extensive experience, training, and education in technology and security.  We collaborate on emerging technologies and bring that information to organizations and individuals as we present at conferences, webinars, appear in the media, write articles or White Papers, and guest speak on podcasts.   

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