Kaspersky National Threat Assessment Made Public

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Justice and Security Minister Yesilgöz has made the threat analysis of antivirus company Kaspersky public after a ruling by the Supreme Court in January. The documents are now publicly available on the website of the Dutch government.

These are documents within the file ‘ Threat analysis Kaspersky Lab ‘. Yesilgöz explains the context of the analysis in an accompanying letter: “The document ‘Kaspersky Lab Threat Analysis’ is an analysis based on open sources and is one of the pieces based on which the above precaution regarding the use of Kaspersky antivirus software in 2018 Lab has been taken. In addition to this analysis, information from the intelligence and security services was also used at the time.”

Threat analysis conclusions

No conclusive evidence of an active threat from Kaspersky was found during the investigation. However, the conclusion is that the company’s cooperation with the Russian Federal Security Service poses a risk to national security. Two scenarios are conceivable:

The Russian government forces the antivirus company to work with her, while Kaspersky doesn’t really want to. Kaspersky has been or is being infiltrated and compromised by a government other than the Russian one.

Based on this conclusion, the Dutch government has started to discontinue Kaspersky’s services. They have done this in phases by not renewing existing contracts and not entering into new ones. The government continued to use Kaspersky Antivirus as long as the contract was still running.

Reason for Kaspersky research

The investigation into the virus repellent was conducted in 2018 in response to reports from the United States and

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