Kali Linux 2022.2 Release With New Hacking Tools & Updates

A new version of Kali Linux 2022.2 with new hacking tools was released, and there are a number of upgrades included in this release, all of which are available for download or updating instantly.

For over a decade, offensive security has regularly released and uploaded Kali Linux versions every year with new features to ensure the community of cybercriminals receives the best possible experience.

Features of Kali Linux 2022.2

Here below we have mentioned all the newly-added features:-

GNOME 42 – Major release update of the popular desktop environmentKDE Plasma 5.24 – Version bump with a more polished experienceMultiple desktop enhancements – Disabled motherboard beep on Xfce, alternative panel layout for ARM, better support for VirtualBox shared folders, and lots moreTweaks for the terminal – Enhanced Zsh syntax-highlighting, the inclusion of Python3-pip and Python3-virtualenv by defaultApril fools – Hollywood mode – Awesome screensaverKali Unkaputtbar – BTRFS snapshot support for KaliWin-KeX 3.1 – sudo support for GUI appsNew tools – Various new tools addedWPS attacks in Kali NetHunter – Added WPS attacks tab to the NetHunter app GNOME 42

The desktop environment for the GNOME desktop platform has received a new version upgrade every half year. This release brings with it the new version of GNOME, version 42, which is an improved version compared to versions 40 and 41, which were earlier versions.

As part of this release, the Offensive Security developers have removed the arrows from the pop-up menus, which allows for a more modern look in the shell

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