Joomla Security in 2022 – Best Practices To Secure Your Website

Looking to secure the Joomla website? Here are some of the best practices to prevent the Joomla website from getting hacked by cyberattackers in 2022.

The evolution of internet services and better connectivity have improved content consumption among users. There are more than 1.7 billion websites on the internet. Businesses need to stand out in a market crowded with high content volume. This is where a content management system like Joomla can help. However, companies need to have specific measures in place regarding Joomla website security.

But before we discuss the problems with Joomla Security and its solutions. Joomla has been the second most preferred CMS after WordPress. There are more than 4,172,773 live Joomla websites on the internet. However, many security issues related to the Joomla website need reliable solutions. 

For example, CVE-2017-8917 is one of the most significant SQL injection attacks in 2017 that affected several Joomla websites. However, it is not a single occurrence, and there have been several cyberattacks on the Joomla website.

First, let’s understand the history of Joomla website security issues.

Brief History of Security Problems Joomla Security 

Like all other CMSes in the market, Joomla has its vulnerabilities, making it a problem for many website developers. According to a report, cross-site scripting (XSS) is one of the most significant contributors to Joomla website security issues. 

However, if you consider the competition, Joomla still comes out as a winner in security. There are several features Joomla has pre-built but different extensions

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