It’s about the survival of the fittest – CISOs must be brave enough to throw away their security playbook, or suffer the consequences

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Advertorial I’m always asked what keeps me awake at night. Being targeted by APT groups? New ransomware strains?

But if you’re worrying about being attacked as a CISO, you’re probably in the wrong line of work… It’s not our job to prevent attacks from taking place, but to catch them, stop them from escalating, and ensure infrastructure recovers. We must keep a clear head, assume we’re always being targeted, and accept we may already be breached to protect our organisation effectively.

This holds true as attackers become more organised – constantly tweaking threat vectors, studying widely-used security playbooks, or testing their attacks against ancient security tools like IDPS (Intrusion, Detection and Prevention Systems). By relying on signatures to detect known threats and following the same old approaches, you’re always going to be caught out by modern attackers, who already have the tools to bypass these dated defenses.

But I still see 90% of CISOs today are “playing it safe”, clinging to old playbooks and

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