Israel is the core contributor to major cyber offensive operations around the globe

Another investigation reveals that Israel is the becoming the concentration of companies and actors providing cyber warfare services. Israel always acts as an epicenter for surveillance and cyber intelligence firm across the world.

Israel is seen as one of the Globe’s leading Cyber players in both offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, along with other nations like China and Russia. There have been multiple attacks that were attributed to US, Turkey and other such countries but there actors also may have used Israeli products or services to execute any such operations.

Head of Team Jorge, Tal Hanan

Recently,Tal Hanan, a former Israeli special forces operative running the firm under the pseudonym “Jorge,” specializing in ‘building narrative’ and then propagating with various services, including bot networks, false information, and hacking of opponents.

The firm uses Advanced Impact Media Solutions (AIMS) software to create fake digital avatars and disseminate automated content. The AIMS software used to spread stories using these fake avatars on online platform. India is also in the list of affected countries.

One such example of disinformation was seen when Rachid M’Barki, a popular journalist and presenter at one of the famous France’s most watched news channel, BFM TV, was suspended due to being exposed to run disinformation for his repeated coverage of Israeli news like that of luxury yachts in Monaco, allegations of corruption in Qatar which were apparently planted under the context of ‘news for hire’.

These reports were often also aired without the knowledge and approval of the BFM’s editorial department. Interestingly, these reports were often aired

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