Iran’s Top Tier Airline Mahan Air Hit by Cyberattack

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According to Mahan Air, the cyberattack was launched on Sunday morning and its responsibility was later claimed by a relatively lesser-known hacking group- “Hooshyarane Vatan” (Vigilant of the Nation).

Iran’s second-largest carrier after Iran Air and the country’s first-ever private airline, Mahan Air, has confirmed suffering and foiling a cyberattack. According to Iranian state media, the airline’s flight schedule wasn’t impacted by the attack.

The airline serves destinations in Central and South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe apart from covering domestic networks.

A Controversial Airline

It is worth noting that the United States blacklisted Mahan Air in 2011 for showing support to Quds Force, the foreign wing of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

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As per the US authorities, Mahan Air provided “financial, material, or technological support for or to the IRGC-QF.” And, in august 2020, the USA imposed sanctions on two UAE-based companies

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