Iranian Hacker Group Publishes Video Of Jerusalem Attacks

‘Staff of Moses’ also published personal documents apparently taken from Israeli companies

An Iranian hacker group published video clips taken from security cameras showing Wednesday’s terrorist bombings in Jerusalem that killed a 16-year-old boy and wounded at least 18 others.

The surveillance video includes the moment of the first explosion near Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, accompanied by a Hebrew inscription that says “for a long time we had control over all of your activities — step by step, moment by moment.”

Calling itself “Staff of Moses,” the group also published personal documents that were apparently taken from Israeli companies. 

The hackers say they also have several high-quality photos of Israel via satellite. 

Who is ‘Staff of Moses’?

“There is an ongoing war between Iran and Israel on the cyber domain,” security analyst Raphael Jerusalmy told i24NEWS. “The Israelis have the upper hand in that war.”

“Staff of Moses” has been known to the Israeli authorities for a couple of years. The group has indirect ties to the regime in Tehran. The Iranians have 500 full-time employed hackers working for the government trying to disrupt Israel, Jerusalmy explained, but “Staff of Moses” is not part of this.

They are a mercenary group that receives funding from the Iranian authorities and are assisted by volunteers around the world, Jerusalmy said.

To hack Jerusalem’s security cameras it is possible to go through the city’s

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