Iranian Gas Stations Crippled After Suffering Cyberattack

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Soon after the cyberattack, videos and posts started surfacing on social media displaying messages that read: “Khamenei! Where is our gas?” Another sign read: “Free gas in Jamaran gas station.”

Petrol stations across Iran were crippled after a cyberattack that led to disruption in fuel sales and defacing electronic billboards for displaying threatening messages mocking the government’s ability to distribute fuel.

Iranian President Confirms the Attack

On Wednesday, Irani president Ebrahim Raisi confirmed that operations at the country’s gas stations were disrupted after suffering a sweeping cyberattack and blamed the act on attackers aiming to create “disorder and disruption.”

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According to the head of Iran’s Supreme Cyberspace Council, Abolhassan Firouzabadi, the attacks could be state-sponsored, but it was too early to reach some conclusion about the possible country behind this cyber intrusion.

Attack Aftermath

Soon after the attack, videos and posts started surfacing on social media

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