Introduction to CVSS – The Vulnerability Scoring System

Introduction to CVSS | Crashtest Security

Nov 28, 2022

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Borislav Kiprin

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Vulnerability management is a crucial security strategy that helps software teams continually identify, assess, report, manage, and remediate software vulnerabilities. Embracing a vulnerability management program requires deep knowledge of the severity of vulnerabilities and the damage potential of a successful exploit. For a diligent assessment of vulnerability severity, security teams often use numerical scores that offer guidance on the impact of the security flaws.

Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is a scoring calculator that identifies and mitigates IT vulnerabilities. This article discusses the Common Vulnerability Scoring system and how CVSS ratings are calculated for each exploitable vulnerability.

What is the Common Vulnerability Scoring System?

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System is an open framework for vulnerability prioritization and textual representation of an organization’s security posture. CVSS provides a standardized approach to vulnerability management by defining different metrics that denote the reality of vulnerabilities encountered. The scoring system captures the principal characteristics of a known vulnerability while producing a numerical score that helps measure each identified flaw’s severity and technical impact.

Understanding CVSS Ratings

CVSS severity ratings are a numerical representation of different sets of information about a specific vulnerability. CVSS scores are categorized into three groups of metrics: base metrics, temporal, and environmental metrics. The following section discusses the three

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