Introducing the GreyMatter Mobile App

Security teams are stretched thin as they work to secure their infrastructure and detect, investigate, and resolve threats. The ReliaQuest team has heard consistent feedback from our customers that a mobile app would help ease the burden on security teams by enabling them to analyze and resolve incidents on the go. Therefore, ReliaQuest is pleased to announce the GreyMatter mobile app to accelerate incident analysis and response for our customers.

The Status Quo: Lagging Threat Response

Today’s security teams are mobile and expect to be able to work anywhere, anytime to keep their organizations secure. Security incidents do not happen only during business hours while you are in the office. Carrying around a laptop has been the norm for security practitioners because you never know when you may get an email or phone notification. When that notification arrives, you’ll need to sit down, log in, and work the security event. Security teams may need to evaluate incidents over the weekend, during a holiday, or while socializing at a baseball or football game.

The ReliaQuest product team heard customers loud and clear that they wanted to work from their mobile devices. Practitioners wanted the assurance that their security program was running smoothly, to work incidents within the mobile app, and to collaborate with ReliaQuest experts and with their own teams.

Introducing the GreyMatter Mobile App

The GreyMatter mobile app enables GreyMatter users to quickly evaluate security alerts, undertake investigations, and take action to resolve incidents from a mobile device. It

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