Into the art of Binary Exploitation 0x000003 [Prominence of Integer-Overflow]

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Knowing is easy, but understanding is an art. As it were only the top 1% of 1% have aced.

Hey hackers ✋✋,
I’m back again with another portion of our enterprise, the binary exploitation series. In case you’re perusing my article 1st time ?? I unassumingly request you to spend a little time on my previous parts of the series before proceeding. You can find here →PART-1: 0x000001 | PART-2: 0x000002

NOTE:-This time I’m not specifically into exploitation. Instead, I wanna share my information with my readers around Integer Overflow, Its occurrence & consequences. In coming write-ups, I’ll perfectly cover each exploitation technique & strategy. I’m not prepared to skip any topics, so I have written this 3rd portion about “Integer Overflow”.

Skip the “lines” only if you’re confident merely as of now that you know the stuff. You’re not squandering a single piece of your time whereas perusing something you never know. Learn and upgrade yourself before it’s too late. Without any delay, let’s begin.

What is Arithmetic Overflow?

It occurs when there

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