Into the art of Binary Exploitation 0x000002 [Sorcery of ROP]

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Hackers often depict what they do as energetically imaginative problem-solving.

Hey Hackers, ✋✋

I’m back again with the following piece from the “Binary Exploitation” series. I had open the entryway for unused comers into this craftsmanship of exploitation. So I decently secured straightforward steps within the past write-up to make commonplace with the subject & this will be the continuation. So in case you didn’t get the intellect of abuse technique, scrutinize this after you get Part I (0x000001).

Plunging deeper

Something that we disregard interior the past write-up was “root”. No question! I’m illustrating the super-user. In Linux, we can’t do anything without root. SUID binary abuse solidifies a binary with its SUID bit set. Which stands for the “Set owner User Id”. Regularly an exceptional authorization that applies to scripts or applications. If the SUID bit is set, when the command is run, its practical UID gets to be that of the proprietor of the record, rather than the user running it. So that, anything executed by the

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