Interview with Tamas Kadar, CEO and Co-Founder of SEON

About Tamas Kadar: Tamas Kadar is an entrepreneur and former founder of Central Europe’s first crypto exchange. When his enterprise was targeted by fraudsters, he pivoted to offering fraud prevention technology. His newest firm, SEON, now protects 5000+ companies worldwide and raised the largest ever Series A funding in Hungary.

In this exclusive Cyber Talk interview, CEO Tamas Kadar shares insights into the newest fraud nightmares, Fraud-as-a-Service, and what businesses need to know in order to effectively fight fraud.

For those who missed our first interview with you, please tell us a bit about the SEON story:

SEON started when my friend Bence and I met at university in 2016, and bonded over our interest in cryptocurrencies. Our first project together was a crypto exchange for the CEE region. Unfortunately, we were soon the target of constant attacks from fraudsters.

After trying several fraud prevention solutions, we came to the conclusion that we could build a better one ourselves. It worked so well that, soon, we decided to sell it to other businesses. This April, we completed a $94 million Series B and are now the fraud prevention of choice for Revolut, Mollie, Afterpay, and 5000+ other digital leaders.

What are the newest fraud nightmares that business leaders should know about?

I think synthetic IDs are about to cause a lot more headaches for companies. It’s what happens when a fraudster combines real ID data that were stolen (or bought) and fake data.

The access to new technologies like deepfakes also

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