Interview With Michał Kasprzak – TraceRoute42

We recently interviewed Michał Kasprzak, SecOps/SysOps Administrator of TraceRoute42. We asked him about his company’s customers’ secure access to the Kubernetes cluster.

PIA: What does your company do?

Michał Kasprzak: TraceRoute42 is a technology consultancy firm with a vast expertise in infrastructure architecture, design & maintenance. We help startups and enterprises create bulletproof architectures and choose an optimal solution during the concept phase or implementation of major functional changes. We advise on how to prepare for changing factors and parameters of system load, security breaches, unexpected emergency situations, and their impact on project resources.
We are a team of Linux Administrators who have once decided to move over to Kubernetes. Currently we are working on automation of creation and updates of various k8s environments, and we assist projects in their sysadmin, devops, and database related issues.

PIA: What do you love about working in cybersecurity?

MK: I have a constant itch to keep learning new things, and being constantly evolving and changing, security in our IT world is one of the best fields to gather and share knowledge.

I believe that cybersecurity is a topic that should be much broadly talked about and better understood by more people, not just experts in that field. I am always amazed by the fact how many different approaches for attacks are practiced nowadays, both simple and incredibly complex. DDoS attacks are not only a domain of the gaming community anymore. Scam emails or text messages are not received only by elders as they have grown

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