Interview With Marco DeMello – PSafe

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We recently had the pleasure of interview in PSafe’s CEO Marco DeMello. We asked him about his company’s dfndr security application and enterprise.

Private Internet Access: What motivated you to start your company?

Marco DeMello: What motivated us, initially, was to create a security solution that would protect mobile users from cyberattacks — and now we’re the largest privately-held cybersecurity company in Latin America.

PSafe was founded in Brazil in 2010 and after a decade in the B2C market, PSafe has more than 300 million installs of its dfndr security application worldwide, establishing ourselves as a leading authority in the field of cybersecurity. Since 2020, we have also grown into the enterprise space when we launched our AI-powered dfdnr enterprise SaaS solution for protecting businesses from modern-day ransomware and zero-day attacks. This turn-key cybersecurity solution will soon enter the US market.

PIA: What do you love about working in cybersecurity?

MD: We have been in the B2B market for two years and I like to say that cybersecurity today is like life insurance for companies. That’s a serious task!

And it’s no different for people, because with increasingly sophisticated cybercrimes, more and more people have fallen victim, even those who have been extremely cautious. Given the growing threat, the passion for working with cybersecurity comes from the desire to protect people and companies from cybercriminals — for us there is an added interest because our solutions are using Artificial Intelligence to be increasingly effective. That’s a domain of

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