Interview with Guardian Digital CEO Dave Wreski: Open Source Utilization in Email Security Solutions & More

4 – 7 min read 79226 06/20/2022

In this interview Dave Wreski, Guardian Digital CEO and Founder, discusses Guardian Digital’s utilization of Open Source in the development of cutting-edge email security solutions and the advantages of investing in these solutions to secure your business email.

Security Spotlight: Interview with Dave Wreski, Founder and CEO of Guardian Digital

Interviewed by Brittany Day

Dave Wreski is the CEO and founder of Guardian Digital, a company that provides open source email security solutions to the many email-related threats that impact individuals and businesses. Mr. Wreski started Guardian Digital as an Internet security enterprise offering open source solutions to critical business problems in 1999. Since then, the company has narrowed its focus to email security specifically. The products that Guardian Digital offers are highly effective in preventing phishing attacks, spam and malware. Dave Wreski is an expert in the field of email security, as well as an open source advocate and active member of the Linux community. In this interview he shares his knowledge of email security, email-related threats and the solutions to these threats that Guardian Digital provides.

Brittany Day: Guardian Digital’s email security solutions are unique in that they utilize open source development and open source software. In your opinion, what advantages does open source email security provide over alternative proprietary email security solutions?

Dave Wreski: There are multitudes of inherent advantages of open source development and open source software that we take advantage

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