Interview With Elena Elkina – Women in Security and Privacy

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Private Internet Access recently sat down with Elena Elkina, Co-Founder of Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) and asked her how her organization empowers women to succeed in the cybersecurity industry.

Private Internet Access: What motivated you to cofound this organization?

Elena Elkina: When we started WISP, we felt that privacy and security were emerging. And we felt that there was a huge need to have a place where people can share their knowledge, learn different things, and have a collaborative network. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything that was specifically directed to both privacy and security. There are a lot of security organizations and networking groups, there are a few privacy groups, but there was nothing for privacy and security, and we felt it was essential. None of it was directly related to women and minorities, and we felt that on top of privacy and security, as a subject matter expert, we really needed the place where women and minorities can connect and help each other. And that’s how WISP was born.

PIA: How does WISP help empower women to succeed in the cybersecurity industry?

EE: One of our programs is focused on practical workshops. We provide educational opportunities where we share knowledge and expertise in the industry with other women and minorities. We also have Tandems, which is a mentoring program where we match peers to each other. Our program is unique because we don’t have mentor-mentee. Everyone has a role.

We have job boards where we reach out to

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