Interview With Dr. Tirthankar Ghosh – UWF Center for Cybersecurity

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We recently interviewed Dr. Tirthankar Ghosh, Professor and Associate Director at the Center for Cybersecurity at the University of West Florida. He told us how the global supply chain is deeply affected by the pandemic.

Private Internet Access: What has your journey to your current job been?

Tirthankar Ghosh: My formal education was in electrical engineering in the early ‘90s. After a few years of working as an electrical engineer, I decided to go back to school and got a master’s and a PhD in computer and electrical engineering.

When I was doing my PhD, I got exposed to the realm of information security. After I graduated, I got a job at a university in Minnesota where the university had just started a network information security major, a standalone major on information security, which was not very common at that time. I joined as a faculty member of that department. I started teaching in the program and eventually directing it. The program grew exponentially, and we eventually changed it to an IT/Cybersecurity program under the computer science department.

And then in 2018, I joined the University of West Florida at the Center for Cybersecurity and kept continuing my research and education in cybersecurity.

PIA: Tell me about the Center for Cybersecurity at the University of West Florida.

TG: At the university, we have a very strong cybersecurity portfolio. At the academic side, there are cybersecurity programs at the undergraduate and the graduate level. The programs have grown a lot in the last few years. The center, on the other hand, is the externally facing entity of the university.

At the center, we primarily engage in workforce development, research, and designing innovative curriculum with short, modular courses that are specifically targeted towards upskilling and reskilling the existing workforce.

We have several projects—we got funding through various federal agencies like NSA, NSF, Department of Energy, and Office of Naval Research—and we have used that funding to do research as well as train the existing workforce.

PIA: Why do you think individuals and companies need a good VPN?

TG: To establish an end-to-end secure connection,

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