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We recently sat down with Adrian Furtuna, Founder of, and he told us that he started his company because he wanted to be able to automate pen testing so he could concentrate on the engagement aspect of his relationships with his customers.

Private Internet Access: What motivated you to start your company?

Adrian Furtuna: About seven years ago, I was working as a full-time penetration tester for one of the big four companies. Since I was doing a lot of manual work, I thought that much of this could be automated, so, as a pen tester, I could focus on more interesting work. In penetration testing, some parts of the work can be automated, but others can’t. I thought that I could have a much better use of my time focusing on the parts of the engagement that cannot be automated and leave the other parts to some tools to do the work for me. So this was the main reason why I started the Pentest-Tools, which right now has the main objective to make the life of a penetration tester much more simple and more effective.

PIA: What do you love about working in cybersecurity?

AF: I like working in cybersecurity because every day has a new challenge. Every day, there are new vulnerabilities and new attacks. It’s a very dynamic field. And it’s also very challenging and interesting. In cybersecurity, you cannot get bored if you love the domain.

PIA: Tell me a what your company does.

AF: creates an online platform for penetration testers that helps them perform pen tests much easier and more effectively than the traditional manual way of doing it. In the platform, we have multiple tools that are split into categories for reconnaissance, web vulnerability scanning, network vulnerability scanning, and exploitation.

Recently, we developed a new tool in the exploitation section that we are very proud of, Sniper, which automatically exploits the newest and most critical vulnerabilities that are affecting widely-used software. You can see this tool as an automated Metasploit. It’s very useful to see which targets are vulnerable in a quick

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