Internet Service Providers are Logging EVERYTHING You Do Online

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A shocking new report compiled by the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) details how internet service providers are collecting vast amounts of private information that includes browsing history, device information, and location data. This data is often shared within a broad network of advertisers and partners — but we’ll give you concrete steps you can take to restore your digital privacy against these abuses.

Would you be surprised if I told you that your internet service provider (ISP) was spying on and recording everything you do online?

Perhaps not — but you will probably be surprised by the quantity and type of information they gather, as well as what they do with it. In short article, we’re going to hit the high points of a recent FTC (Federal Trade Commission) study that shows us what the big US ISPs really know about us. It also gives us some idea of what they do with the data, and the lengths the big ISPs will go to to keep you from protecting your privacy.

Which ISPs were involved?

The full-length FTC report is based on information gathered from the six largest ISPs in the United States. Together, they comprise almost 82% of the fixed, and almost 99% of the mobile internet market in the United States at the end of Q1, 2021. Their names are:

AT&T Mobility LLCCellco Partnership (doing business as Verizon Wireless)Charter Communications Operating LLCComcast Cable Communications (doing business as Xfinity)T-Mobile US Inc.Google Fiber Inc.

The FTC also

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