Internet Archive’s 2046 Wayforward Machine says Google will cease to exist

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The Internet Archive has launched a campaign against tech regulation by setting up a Wayforward Machine, semi-parodying its famous Wayback Machine archiving site.

The Wayforward Machine paints a picture of the internet in 2046 – smeared with censorship, regulation, governmental interference, and more.

On typing in any well-known web address to the Wayforward Machine, the viewer is presented with a number of popups – all of which suggest a nightmarish future where governmental surveillance reigns supreme and privacy is heavily frowned upon.

Visiting the BBC website brings up a popup stating: “Content on the site you are trying to access is protected by the Content Truth Gateway,” while trying to reach shows that the Chocolate Factory has ceased to function after being regulated out of existence – perhaps intended as the sole light at the end of the tunnel rather than a sign of crushing defeat for freedom.

The Internet Archive’s Wayforward Machine, on Google’s homepage. Click to

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