International police operation takes down iSpoof

As part of the takedown, 142 suspects were arrested.

Last week, an international group of law enforcement agencies took down one of the biggest criminal operators of a spoofing-as-a-service enterprise. Called iSpoof, it collected more than $120M from victims across Europe, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, and the United States. During the 16 months of the site’s operation, the group took in more than $3.8M in fees from its victims. 

The site’s principal administrator was arrested in the UK in early November and the site taken down shortly thereafter, according to a Europol announcement. As part of the takedown, 142 suspects were arrested. London’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley stated, “By taking away the tools and systems that have enabled fraudsters to cheat innocent people at scale, this operation shows how we are determined to target corrupt individuals intent on exploiting often vulnerable people.” 

Spoofing has a long tradition. Perhaps the earliest and most infamous case was involving Paris Hilton, who allegedly used caller ID spoofing to hack into the phone and voicemail of Lindsay Lohan decades ago. 

More recently, reporters for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. hacked into the cell phone voice mail accounts of prominent Britons back in 2011, which resulted in shuttering the paper a few years later. And Robert Mueller’s Russian GRU indictment a few years ago shows the lengths that Russian spies went to penetrate the DNC and the Clinton campaign, including using spoofed emails purported to originate from Hillary Clinton’s staff.

Spoofing has seen a lot of

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