Insider Threat on the Rise

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As we compiled our 3rd quarter cybersecurity summary report, we noticed a trending increase in insider threat.

While around since forever, insider threats are now becoming more frequent, trickier to detect, more damaging, and, ultimately, more costly. Industry statistics and reports on insider threats help us detect those trends and upgrade our security to combat them.

The Threat that Lies Within

And, since we spend so much time, money and energy focusing on our new perimeter-free networks, we can easily overlook the threat that lies within.

The 2020 Insider Threat Report by Cybersecurity Insiders reveals that 68% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks. And they have good reason. Our own trend data supports the recent growth.

Lack of Industry Focus

What confuses me is why we seem to have a dearth of cybersecurity vendors focused on that space.

Attacks on Shopify, Tesla, Amazon and Twitter have resulted in financial loss, disruption and reputational damage in the public markets. So far, these are from

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