Inside Apple: How Apple’s attitude impacts security

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Last week saw the fourth occurrence of the Objective by the Sea (OBTS) security conference, which is the only security conference to focus exclusively on Apple’s ecosystem. As such, it draws many of the top minds in the field. This year, those minds, having been starved of a good security conference for so long, were primed and ready to share all kinds of good information.

Because of the control it exerts over its ecosystem, understanding Apple’s attitude to security—and it’s willingness to act as a security “dance partner”—are crucial to securing Apple systems, and developing Apple security software.

I was at OBTS, and this is what I learned about Apple’s current attitude to privacy, security, and communication.

Apple’s not great at working with security researchers

It’s no great surprise to anyone that Apple has a rocky relationship with many security researchers. Years ago, well-known researcher and co-author of the book “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook”, Charlie Miller, figured out how to get a “malicious” proof-of-concept

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