Improve Threat Detection & Response with OCSF

Trend Micro has always been a team player. Over the past three decades and more, we’ve worked closely with law enforcement, industry solution providers, academics and others to strengthen our collective hand against a common adversary. Yet while we’ve been breaking down barriers through this collaborative approach, the cybersecurity industry sometimes unwittingly puts more up. That’s why we’re thrilled to join a new open source initiative designed to make it easier for organizations to detect and respond to cyber-attacks.

The Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) will help defenders spend less time on collecting and normalizing threat data and more time on analyzing and acting on it. OCSF is a first of its kind open source effort, delivering a simplified and vendor-agnostic taxonomy to help all security teams realize better, faster data ingestion and analysis without the time-consuming up-front normalization task. The goal is to have an open standard that can be adopted in any situation and fits in with existing security standards and processes.

The cost of threat defense

Today’s security leaders face an agile, determined and diverse set of threat actors. From emboldened nation state hackers to ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) affiliates, adversaries are sharing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) on an unprecedented scale – and it shows. Trend Micro blocked over 94 billion threats in 2021 alone, a 42% increase on 2020 figures. Gaining visibility and control of opaque, distributed IT environments that stretch from the cloud to the home office is pushing defenders to the

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